Who could resist Bongo?  Not you, I'm sure.

If interested, please contact us.


  1. We have all fallen in love with Bongo! He is the sweetest little fella! Loves playing with our GSD. He doesn't chase the cats, just looks at them looking at him! SWEET SWEET little boy!

  2. There is some serious Bongo love going on at my house! This boy will be a great companion for someone! He has not had one accident in the house yet, but we are pretty regular on trips outside to ensure this! My daughter has fallen for him big time, he is such a sweet dog. He wants nothing more than to sit with you or lay next to you...he would do it all day if he could I am sure!

    My schnauzers tolerate him and my GSD loves to play with him...she is very gentle with him, which just amazed me. She realizes she is about ten times his size! LOL

  3. Bongo is shadowing our male schnauzer.....nothing better to train a young pup than an older experienced dog! Bongo will be such a great addition to a family! He LOVES to play and is so happy with life. He also loves a lap to curl up on and take a nap. Still has not had an accident in the house! YAY


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