Happy First Anniversary Paws and Claws!


To whom, you might ask? To all of you! Because of your unwavering support, we have successfully made it to our First Anniversary! So much has been accomplished in the past year, and it’s all because of YOU – 
Friends and Fans of Paws and Claws Photography. You have helped spay and neuter dogs and cats. You’ve financially backed the vaccination program at Tipton County Animal Shelter. You’ve shared thousands of pictures and helped just as many escape death in the shelter. You have made transportation possible so that rescue groups in surrounding states have been able to say YES to Tipton Animals. Every time Heather
and I have thought, ‘Nah – there’s no way we’ll be able to do or afford that,’ someone from this page has come through and helped to prove us wrong! We’ve come to realize that with so many people out there pulling
for the animals at Tipton County Animal Shelter, anything is possible! 
To show our appreciation, we’re taking donations for a chance to win this adorable bed and a handmade afghan will be included!  $1 = 1 chance. Okay, so asking for more money may not SEEM like a Thank You, but it’s Anita’s birthday, and she wants to help the animals in lieu of presents! LOL!


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