Looking for Heroes and Happiness

Today we introduce you to a pair of wonderful dogs looking for their chance to shine.  
Written by our own Jan Johnson.

Samantha, a beautiful girl. had a very happy life. When she was about two, sweet Cali wandered up to the home where Samantha lived. They became sisters and the best of friends. They loved playing with the human kids that lived in the house. Fetch and playing ball was their favorite. The kids played every day with Samantha and Cali. Life was good for them. They were loved.

Beautiful Samantha is about two years old.

Then one day life changed for these sweet girls. The little boy and girl got in the car to go for a ride, but this time the dogs got to go too. They were so happy to go with their kids. They jumped in and sat between the two, kissing them all over and wagging their tails. The kids laughed and they too were happy to have the dogs ride along with them. But this ride ended at the local rural animal shelter. The dad and mom went into the shelter leaving the kids and dogs sitting in the car. All were curious as to what was going on. Then the parents came back out. The told the kids to say good bye to Samantha and Cali. The little girl said "but why?" Dad ignored her question and pulled Cali out of the car. The little boy started to cry. Both stayed in the car, crying when they realized that they were loosing their friends.

Cali wants to play.

This was not a happy time for Samantha or Cali either. They were pulled away from their wonderful kids, who were crying. The dogs felt their pain as their own. Then when they thought things could not get any worse for them, they were pulled through the shelter door. It was loud and scary. They were placed in cages. Samantha could smell Cali but couldn't see her. So many dog and so loud. She cried out to her friend Cali and heard Cali bark among the other barks in the building.

Each girl, in their own cage sat sadly...when would their owner come back and what was going to happen to the crying kids? They were so sad. Then night fell, neither could sleep. Both paced the floor in their cages. They did not understand. Cali, the younger of the two, tried to entertain herself by playing with her water dish. She pretended they were toys, but as the days went by even this happy girl could not pretend anymore. She had to admit to herself that her family wasn't coming back for her.

Cali and Samantha sit in their cages listening to the sounds of the other dogs barking and crying. Occasionally visitors come in. They get excited to see new faces but when they walk by their cage without stopping, the sadness sets in again. Cali gets very excited and jumps for joy every time she hears the sound of a child's voice. They walk past her cage and she realizes they are not her kids. They didn't come back to get her. She hangs her head and cries. All the while Samantha continues to pace the floor. The girls wait.... They wait for an ending ... What kind of ending will their story have? Will it end happy or will their lives end here in this high kill shelter? The wait for a hero.


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