The Dance of Mr. Bojangles

Every dog who ends up in our shelter is a sad story, unfortunately.  They grab at the heart strings of our volunteers as we go about the hard work of finding each one a rescue or a home to go to.  Jan Johnson does a beautiful job of narrating the tales of the speechless.  Her most recent work features our dancing boy, Mr.  Bojangles.  His story is here and can be read on Jan's blog.

There is a dog.... we call him Bojangles cause he likes to dance a jig. He clicks his heels way up high. His previous owner said his name is Bo. We think he is a pure Bojangles at heart.

Bo went to live with a family as a young puppy. He had a pretty good life, he thought so anyway. He lived in the country, was well fed, and had fur family playmates to keep him company. What more could a dog want? Bo only knew one way of life .. he was a country boy.

One day when Bo was about a year old, his person called him and his fur family and said "time to go for a ride". Bo was so excited. He always wanted to go when his people went, so he pounced up into the car, smiled and danced around in the back seat. They drove a little ways but it wasn't too far. Then Bo's person got out and went inside a building. Bo was eager to get out of the car and see what new adventures awaited.

Then Bo's person came back and slipped a leash around Bo's neck. He walked Bo up to the door, but as soon as the door opened, the sounds and smells of all the other dogs hit him and he immediately sensed this was not the place he wanted to be. His tail dropped, he stopped and had to be pulled the rest of the way into the building. Then his person handed the leash over to someone and walked away without even saying goodbye. Bo was led into a small cage. There were dogs on each side of him. He could see dogs in cages in front of him and the noise was so loud. So many barking dogs and so many strange dogs smells. He had never been in a cage before and he was suddenly scared and alone.

Then day turned into night. Bo lay in the cage scared and lonely. He kept wondering what he had done wrong. Why did his person bring him in and leave. He never felt so abandoned and alone in his whole life. Day after day he sat waiting thinking maybe today would be the day his person comes back to take him home again. He thought he would try to be a better dog....whatever that was.

One day some nice ladies came and took him outside for awhile. He thought he was getting to leave and he danced a jig. He was so happy! They took his photos in order to try to find a new family for him but he didn't understand. He just wanted to stay outside with them and play. Sadly the nice ladies didn't take him home. They couldn't stay either.

So still he waits. He wonders if he will ever leave this jail cell. The cold metal walls and concrete floor stare back at him.

He said his name "Bojangles" and he danced across the cell He grabbed his pants and spread his stance, he jumped so high and then he clicked his heels He let go a laugh and shook back his clothes all around Mr Bojangles, Mr. Bojangles Mr. Bojangles, dance

If you can help Bojangles get out of the shelter, please contact us.  You can find more information on his adoption listing.


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