The Story of Jed

There are so many sad aspects of animal rescue that are thankfully greatly rewarded by the joys of saving so many lives.  But the when these poor souls come into the shelter we rarely know the true sadness of what brought them there.  Jan Johnson, one of our wonderful volunteers, has a gift for voicing the backstory, bringing to life the mystery behind the sad eyes of our shelter animals.  Take a moment to read through her tale of Jed.  Help if you can by either donating, adopting, or rescuing, and share, share, share, until this sweet boy has the safe happy home her deserves.

Excerpt (click on the text to read the whole story):

"[Jed] has lost a lot of weight from the neglect he suffered before he was dumped in the country. Day after day he sits in the shelter. Sometimes people take him out for a walk and give him a little attention. But most of the time he just sits and thinks. He thinks about Bobby [the little boy he loved] and wonders where he is and if he is safe. The shelter is full of dogs that bark all the time. They are all stressed from being locked up and it isn't a happy place for Jed. At night he dreams of a happier time, when he and Bobby would play fetch and then he wakes up and cries."  


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