Transforming Hope, Part I

I don't know how, or why, or what I did to deserve this life but some awful human left me tied up with a cable to a garbage dumpster where people continue to pile trash on me. I'm hungry, tangled in the cable so that I cannot move and am now lying in my own mess, and my stomach is growling because I'm starving.

Another hopeless morning dawns and in the background of my misery I hear children and school buses busy on their route.  I whimper sadly, cold against the metal bin. To my great surprise I suddenly hear soft reassuring coos and gentle hands untangle me and bundle me off.  This is very confusing and I'm not sure what's happening, but I'm grateful to be inside with food and water and people who just might maybe care...?


It all just seemed too good to be true, but then I was being transported to another person who was going to take me to something called a vet. I panicked because I was unsure of what was going to happen to me. Maybe they were taking me back to that mean person who tied me to the dumpster to begin with. I didn't know what a vet was but I wasn't taking any chances and when I saw my chance for freedom I bolted into a parking lot. The people chased me and that scared me so I ran farther and they stopped. I did not realize the only reason they weren't trying to get me back is because they feared I was going to run out into busy traffic. I spent the night in a car dealership parking lot with some other dogs I found living there. It was a scary night with strangers and it was raining and I was cold because I have no fur anymore.

Cute escapee rescued again!

The next day was a beautiful sunny day and I was exploring the parking lot when I saw a van pull up. I turned back and looked at the lady getting out of the car and when she called to me I squeezed under the fence and to safety. But the lady wouldn't go away. She didn't approach me any more, just walked around checking out my new "home". I slipped around to the other side of a building and thought I'd lost her when I saw her driving around to the side of the building. I saw a younger girl get out, she walked over to the fence, and turned her back to me. She didn't look threatening and she had a very sweet voice when she spoke. I came up to the fence and sat down and she just stood there talking nice to me, not coming into my space. I felt safe for the first time in awhile and laid down next to the fence and went to sleep. When I woke up more people had come but everyone was very nice. One lady brought me chicken! They fed me a few bites through the fence and then they lifted it and I knew it was safe to come out. The first lady that had talked to me gently slipped a leash around me as they continued to feed me chicken. It was GOOD chicken and I gobbled it down. The lady wrapped a towel around my tender skinned body and carried me to another vehicle, handing me over to the lady that had brought the chicken, and she put me in a kennel with more chicken. My stomach felt so much better with some food in it and the lady that had brought the chicken to my other new friends seemed very nice so I decided on another nap before we'd left the parking lot.  Everything seems okay.  I wonder what happens next...

To be continued.

Stay Tuned for Transforming Hope, Part II:  My Name is Kalila, as we follow the story, the people, the rescue group who is helping (PAWS New England), and the pup who have all come together, inspiring hope in all of us.

Donations are gratefully being accepted for this sweet and deserving girl's medical care.

Written by Lori Brunk McMillon


  1. can't wait to read the next installment! <3

  2. This what rescue for animals is all about. Wow what a story.......I am sure this baby has never known the feeling of love and safety. Thank you for caring about hepless creatures


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