This is Your Shelter!

Help us Build YOUR Shelter

"We can take pictures so people will know the animals are there".....That's how it all started. We never, in a million years, dreamed that Tipton County Paws and Claws would become the link to saving so many lives. We had no intentions of opening a quarantine center, but it happened. Since opening the center 18 months ago we have saved over 2000 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Over TWO THOUSAND precious lives saved from euthanasia....Over TWO THOUSAND pets who will never contribute to the overpopulation problem because they are ALL spayed or neutered. And guess what??? YOU made it happen...OUR AMAZING SUPPORTERS! 
You want to know what's really amazing???
We have developed so many incredible relationships with our rescue partners that they are WAITING on our Tipton pets! We currently have space to house 32 dogs, approximately 65 puppies and 25 cats and we can't quarantine them fast enough to keep up with the rescues. What does that mean? Well, we have the opportunity to send approximately 75 dogs north each month, but we only have the space to quarantine 32 each month. In a nutshell, we are growing incredibly fast and we need more space!
It is our dream that the new shelter would not be "OUR" shelter, but "YOUR" shelter! We want YOU to be part of this process. It will be a place where pets aren't just safe, but where they flourish while they wait to take that next step. While many pets go north where there are people lining up to adopt them, we also realize the need for people to be able to adopt FULLY vetted pets locally, which is why we will also include an adoption center where dogs and cats are safe and happy while they wait for their forever families to find them. 
We aren't just dreamers, we are doers and we have an amazing opportunity to make this a reality! We will be competing in the Saving Pets Challenge beginning in just 2 days! We will be competing with other rescues to raise the most money. Not only do we keep all the money raised, but if we win we get a 50,000 grand prize! How amazing would that be? The key to winning is "TEAM MEMBERS" and we need lots of them! As a special incentive, all TEAM MEMBERS who reach their goal will have a plaque with their name, pet's name or loved one displayed in our new quarantine/adoption center. If you are interested in becoming a team member please sign up here (scroll down and click "join the team"...easy peasy!)..…/fu…/tipton-county-paws-and-claws
This is the biggest project we've ever undertaken, but lives depend on us and we need your help! Please consider joining with us to make this a reality!


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