Project Kitty Litter: Stop the Cycle

Project Kitty Litter:  Stop the Cycle

WE HAVE SOME VERY EXCITING NEWS!! We have been working behind the scenes for several months on a project that could make a huge difference in Tipton County! In June of 2018 we will be implementing a pilot program to ensure that ALL cats adopted from the Tipton Shelter are spayed or neutered BEFORE adoption! Working together with the Munford High School Vet Science Class, we have the opportunity for kids to get hands on learning experience (they are NOT doing surgeries). Our amazing vet teaches through every surgery and this is an experience that is very rare in a high school setting. It is an AMAZING opportunity and we are so excited we can barely contain ourselves! We are hoping to get more vets on board to help with this once in a lifetime opportunity for these students.

For over 6 months we have been working out the details to make this happen and for the last 2 months we have been doing some trial runs. We still have a lot of kinks to work out but this is DEFINITELY doable! We have the basics, but running a spay/neuter clinic for approximately 800 cats a year is VERY expensive. We would love for our amazing supporters to join with us in making this happen. Our estimated budget for the first year is $24,000 and that includes a rabies vaccination, a microchip and spaying and neutering approximately 800 cats. This is our chance to change the fate of thousands of cats in our community and we would love for you to be a part of making it happen.

Our goal is to have 200 new $10-$30 monthly donors. If we can reach this goal then this will be a sustainable program capable of preventing thousands and thousands of kittens. This is literally a turning point for Tipton County and we need your support to make it happen.

To support this ground-breaking program please enroll your monthly support.

A $10 monthly donation will cover the cost of one cat's vaccinations, rabies, and microchip.
A $20 monthly donation will cover the cost of one cat's spay or neuter.
A $30 monthly donation will cover the entire cost of one cat's medical and surgical costs.

To make a one time donation, please click here:


  1. What awesome progress. Please post updates as news becomes available.

  2. I can’t do a monthly donation, but would give a one time donation. Can you add that as an option?

    1. Thanks, Leslie Ann! If you look above and select the Donate Button you’ll be able to make a one time donation.

  3. I would love to give you a donation for the kitties. Sounds like a terrific program.

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