The Dalton Millican Fund

The Dalton Millican Fund

Dalton Millican, son of Donna & Clay Millican and brother to Cale, was well-known both locally, on the AMA ATV motorcross tour and the Monster Jam circuit, as being a member of “one of the nicest families in racing.” But he was also Jolie’s boy in a classic tale of “a boy and his dog.” Dalton loved pit bulls and got his beloved dog, Jolie, when he was 8 years old. Bought from a litter being sold in a Kroger parking lot, we know what could have been if Jolie had been given over into the wrong hands; we know how blessed she is to have been adopted into the Millican family. When Dalton was 12 years old, he became a motocross racer and Jolie always traveled the country with him. In 2011, he became an AMA ATV Motocross National Champion. He then began driving the Blue Thunder Monster Jam truck in 2014 and traveled all over the world entertaining people.

In August 2015, tragedy struck when, at just 22 years old, Dalton died in a motorcycle accident. Tipton County and the racing community lost a leader and a friend. Donna & Clay Millican lost their son, Cale lost his brother and Jolie lost her boy.

Pitbulls and pitbull owners face special challenges both locally and nationwide: stereotyping, breed-specific discrimination, landlords and insurance companies that won’t deal with them, and the crushing rate of euthanasia of pitbulls in shelters nationwide. We know that lowering the rate of homeless pitbulls is critical to making a long-term difference for them. In memory of Dalton Millican and in honor of his love for Jolie and dedication to pitbulls, Paws & Claws has established a fund to spay female pitbulls in Tipton County. This fund will help Tipton County pitbull owners end the cycle of unwanted puppies, and will improve the future for all pitbulls in Tipton County.

If You Need Help:

If you are in need of assistance in getting your female pitbull spayed, The Dalton Millican Fund can assist.  Individuals are responsible for a $30 cop-pay that will include necessary vaccinations if your pet is not up to date.  To schedule your spay surgery, please click the Buy Now button to make your co-payment.  After you check-out, click Return to Merchant to fill out the required online questionnaire about your pet.  Please fill this out and a counselor will contact you to schedule your dog's surgery.

If You Can Help:

If you would like to donate to the Millican Fund, please click on the Donate button to make a tax deductible contribution.


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